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Hello everyone!! my name is Karina Litvin and thank you for visiting our website and inquiring about our fun filled birthday parties.  I would like to tell you a little bit about us.  I founded Funtasia in 2006 when my son Matthew  was 2 years old because I noticed that when we went to birthday parties for his little friends, there were very few places that catered to both adults and kids.  Also, I noticed that there were not many private party places.  Funtasia has always been a place where privacy was the key ingredient as well as customer service and great food for the parents.  We are always coming up with new and fun ways to entertain the kids and make their special day memorable.  As a child growing up in the former soviet union some of my fondest memories come from waiting for that special day all year!! I wanted to create that feeling of special excitement for everyone that allows us to share in their special day.

Our original location was on bath avenue and we partied there for almost 11 years.  we had a lot of great times there but as our business grew so did our need for more space.  our new location has 6,000sq feet of private party space for bounce and laser tag parties (coming soon) as well as a swim parties.  We are working on our second location in the near future but meanwhile please come see us at 2781 shell road brooklyn, ny 11223( insinde the matchpointnyc sports complex) (718) 234-0700